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Finding the #PRpose™️ in PR with Nicole

Nicole Myden is the ultimate connector + natural born concierge. She’s a trusted and respected 19 year public relations veteran who launched The PR Concierge™️ in 2017. Frustrated by the lack of attention she’s witnessed many clients experience from large agencies over the years, Nicole set out to offer something unique to a very saturated industry: solution-orientated and simplified communications services that mirror exactly how she lives all aspects of her life… with intentional movements and alignment that generates results.

Meet Nicole

& learn more about The PR Concierge™️ services & mission

Being an entrepreneur is overwhelming enough.
I’m here to simplify the Public Relations piece of your business with a few intentional ways I can work with you to get you the results you’re looking for.

Clients & Projects

A sampling of purpose-driven brands & entrepreneurs I have been fortunate to align with:

Hire The PR Concierge

  • 1:1 Consulting

  • $6k*
    • 1:1 PR + Media Relations Consulting
    • 4 months minimum to start

    *Prices vary;
    starting at $6k/month

  • 1 Day Intensive

  • $5k*
    • 1:1 with Nicole
    • PRpose driven, PR strategy

    *One time fee.
    Includes private, comfortable work-space.

  • 5 Hours

  • $3,125*
    • PRpose driven, PR strategy work sessions
    • Results Driven Roadmap

    *One time fee.
    In person or Zoom

  • 3 Hours

  • $1,875*
    • PRpose driven brainstorming/counsel
    • + Introductions

    *One time fee, due before booking

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“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”

– Bill Gates

Podcast: Listen Now

Relationships make the world go round. And it’s not only been my honor but pleasure to get to work so closely with incredible journalists, TV producers, creators and media industry thought-leaders over my almost twenty-year career in public relations. Without the support and respect of the journalists, my clients would never have been covered, period.

This #PRposePodcast™️ serves the audience double duty: it’s my gift of gratitude and thanks to all the journalists and media personalities I’ve worked with over two decades, giving them a platform to speak to you, the audience and share insider tips and tricks on how best to pitch them for potential coverage.

Most business owners, especially small-business owners, rarely get to bi-pass a publicist and go directly straight to the journalist. That changes here. We’re opening up the flood gates, giving you, the modern day and purpose-driven entrepreneur thousands and thousands of dollars in free value each week. My word, you have it… to leave each show not only inspired but ready to play bigger and more intentional than ever to get your brand the coverage it deserves. Let’s go!

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Saturday & Sunday, Oct 17th & 18th
From 7:45am-2:30pm

Join me for TWO-ACTION PACKED days from the comfort of your home, the beach, your favorite Airbnb – anywhere you are….can’t wait for you to hang with us!

#PRpose™️ Presents


We are in the midst of one of the craziest times in history and I am here to continue to remind you that YOU ARE WORTHY OF PRESS. Let me help you get the press coverage you deserve, even in the midst of a pandemic. 


#PRpose Pitching Pod

3 seats available

PR Strategy led by Nicole

Grow Your Media Rolodex

Receive Press Opportunities

4 weeks; 4 – 1 hour group calls

$249/week ($999 for month)

To secure your spot by Nov 1st – contact nicole here!

Past #PRpose™️ Event Recaps


Nicole talks with Morning Show Host, Brad Perry from Arizona Daily Mix about the event!

Event Attendee Results

Check out the awesome press coverage attendees garnered as a result of our event!

Katie Kyleen

Spiritual Psychologist

“There really was no event like this one, it was amazing. There has been nothing done like this before. All of us in the room were lucky to be there. I hope there is another one.” 

So Scottsdale

The List

Tracey Martin

Sustainable Living Strategist

“Some days are next level! This was one of those days!” 

The List

Karey Northington

IFBB Pro / Online Fitness Coach

“This was by far one of my favorite days!” 

Good Morning Arizona

Dr. Steve Hruby

“This event was amazing!” Amazing format, amazing information and superb speakers. I felt like a sponge in there soaking up information, and having fun while I was doing it, I don’t recall ever feeling bored (and I can be very ADHD). And my very favorite aspect of the event was the quality of people you attracted who were there attending the event. I felt like everyone who I met there was someone I need to know professionally or personally.”

Good Morning Arizona

Will Armijo

Founder of Will Powered

“I’m the guy who doesn’t go to events because it’s usually hours of regurgitated information with stretching breaks…this was fire and possessed information that was priceless to people who execute on their shit…comprised on pure, purposeful, impactful content we ALL left with fully downloaded in our execution banks. It’s rare to leave an event feeling like you left with the upper hand…this event was priceless.” 

So Scottsdale

Olenka Cullinan

Founder of #iStartFirst

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 11.51.29 AM

So Scottsdale

Other Testimonials

Are you ready for the same type of results?

Then you must attend one of our upcoming events.

The #PRpose PR Mastermind

purpose | intention | press results


This 90-Day PR Mastermind is designed to help you start getting press for your brand or business:

-Work with Nicole 1:1
-Get yourself on TV shows
-Get yourself featured in magazines, quoted in online articles
-Build meaningful relationships with media
-Become your go to local market expert

This mastermind is for you if:

-You’re ready to see yourself or your products featured on TV + in magazines
-You’re ready to get your products, services and brand the recognition it deserves
-You’re ready to build meaningful, longterm relationships with media outlets
-You’re ready to understand how PR works and how powerful it is

ONLY 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE | Mastermind Begins, Monday 3.18

Contact or
DM to secure your spot

#PRpose™️: An Intentional PR eCourse

Entrepreneurship can be incredibly lonely, scary and overwhelming. And as small business owners, often on very tight budgets, trying to tackle forms of marketing, like PR can be incredibly nerve-wracking and grey. That stops here.

I’m here to simplify it for you – let’s go!


Level 1:
The Basic Fundamentals

Just because you and your brand might not be in a place where you can’t take on a huge agency or a consultant does not = you’re not worthy or deserving of press.  I believe everyone is not only worthy of press, but especially worthy of understanding how it works. I’ve taken almost two decades of doing something I love and turned it into an easy-to-follow, simplified, results-driven e-course to teach you the absolute basic fundamentals of PR so you can start going after it on your own.

More Courses Coming Soon!

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